Tuesday, 21 June 2016

JT Torres seminar end of July at Atos Brisbane

Weeks out and only a few spots available for JT TORRES GI and NoGI SEMINAR at Atos Brisbane.
Don't miss the opportunity to learn and be around on of the top 10 best jiu-jitsu players in the world
Be there or be sorry 😉

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


At the start of the year we moved from our old residence of 5 years to a new location along side another long running martial arts academy in Kicks Martial Arts in Caloundra in April. 

In June we announced our new Jiu Jitsu affiliation with Atos Jiu Jitsu and Arte Suave in Brisbane with Prof Antonio Mota.

Our years highlights were the promotions to 4 of my long time students to the rank of Purple Belt they are outstanding role models to all at them gym and I was also blessed by Prof Mota to be able to award my brother Leigh to Brown belt on the same day. It was truly well deserved as you will be seeing his kids in 2016 making a big move in the competition ranks.

We entered as our newly affiliation academy of ATOS Australia into the 1st Sunshine Coast BJJ Open that was held at the Golden Beach indoor sports stadium, We set out to win and put the ATOS name at the top on the coast and with our brothers at Combat Lab and Arte Suave combined ATOS is officially the number 1#  Jiu Jitsu team on the coast. 

Todd Sparreboom and Leigh Dunstan with the kids team

MMA Update

2016 starts with a busy couple months at Ignite.

Australian Am-Pro Champions to UFC contracted fighters have come to seek out coaching with me in preparation for up coming bouts. I've always believed in my coaching concepts and my training techniques, I have a busy and exciting roster for the new year.

                           2015 will be remembered by the changes we made. 
You never know if you have made the right choices when it's all going down, but it's good to know when you get it right.

To everyone I wish a very safe new year!
See you in 2016

ATOS Jiu Jitsu in Australia

Earlier this year we at Ignite Martial Arts signed up to be an affiliate with Arte Suave in Brisbane which is the HQ for Atos Australia under Prof Antonio Mota

In the Jiu Jitsu world at the moment there is no bigger than Multiple World Champion Prof Andre Galvao who is the team leader and Head Coach for the ATOS Jiu Jitsu team .

Prof Galvao - Prof Mota - Josh and I at Arte Suave in Brisbane

Prof Galvao is the hardest working most sort after coaches/competitors on the planet, the San Diego Academy has a who's who of world champions that call him coach.
We were lucky enough to have Prof Galvao in Australia to conduct seminars at the Brisbane HQ in November.
The ATOS curriculum and structure is cutting edge and with Prof Galvao open minded approach to techniques and always seeking out the best of the best to learn from is an inside into why he is a world champion.

After the 2 day seminar that was conducted at Arte Suave in Brisbane everyone who attended was truly inspired and reinvigorated for the future.
Rolling with Prof Galvao at the end of the seminar.
The last day saw our team members from the Arte Suave academy Brisbane have their end of year grading/promotions that had Prof Galvao in attendance overseeing the promotions of Prof Mota.
With newly award Blue and Purples myself and the sunshine coast members couldn't be happier for Prof Mota and his students.
After Prof Mota congratulation speech to his students he then asked for me to please step forward, 
I did not know but I was being promoted.
I was awarded the rank of Black Belt by Prof Mota and Prof Galvao this moment was surreal and one that I will not forget, the amazing applause from my fellow team members was overwhelming and and to have some old fellow team members who had been there through all my belts from the start was a real nice reminder of how long and how much we love this art.
I can not say thank you enough to my coach Prof Mota for taking me in and allowing my academy to be a part of the Atos Jiu Jitsu family, 
Prof Galvao belief in being positive person and to learn to be a better martial artists is something that I as a student always strive to be each and every time I'am on the mat.

Todd - Prof Galvao - Myself - Joakim

Moments after the promotion with my good friend and head coach at Combat Lab in Coolum
Joel Spedozary

 #Together We Are Stronger#


Friday, 31 May 2013

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu update

Rodolfo Vieira Seminar
In March we were lucky enough to have world number 1 Rodolfo Vieira and his master Julio Cesar at Ignite for a special one off Queensland seminar.
Rodolfo showed us his favourite pass and sweep along with a few variations which was very much appreciated by the class.
Thanks goes to head GFT Australia coach Fabio Nunes for making this with coach Carlos Vieira possible at our gym, we are very honoured to have had the opportunity. 

Kyeong and Niki
Rodolfo and Master Cesar with Leigh and I.

Queensland BJJ Titles

In April the BJJ titles were held in Brisbane a team of 15 from Cia Paulista Queensland competed on the day with us resulting in 4 State Champions. Mitch Jackson and kenan Palliser closed out the under 70kg Blue belt divisions while brother and sister team of Steve and Niki Herbert won both Gi and Nogi in their divisions.

Cia Paulista team walked away with 18 medals on the day.

 BJJ up coming Seminar at Ignite 

On the 12th of July our head coach Carlos Vieira will be back in Queensland for a seminar, Just getting back from the worlds in L.A and doing seminars in Brazil over the June period he will be hosting a seminar and belt presentation at Ignite.

We are happy and excited to have our master back for the weekend!
If you ever thought of wanting to learn BJJ come into see us at Ignite Martial Arts.
Everyone Welcome!

Friday, 4 January 2013

End of year review

Ignite in review 2012

To say we had a full year would explain us at Ignite from fight shows in February till November we were on all of them. We represented the fight scene at Allegiance, Fightworld Cup,CFC,Fury MMA, AFC and Mayhem. Our record in 2012 was 20 Fights 11 wins and 9 losses. 5 of those were international fights.

We were lucky enough to have UFC star Brandon Vera at the gym for a couple days for a seminar and then for classes.Brandon is back in 2013 with a couple of his Alliance team members next time.

Got to coach a few champions to Gold in the Pan Pacific titles in Melbourne .

Hosted another MMA seminar in Melbourne to 26 people which was really cool everyone enjoyed the session and as a great to have Grant Blackler to help out.

To see my long time student Rex Carney be approved by Cia Paulista Australia to head an affiliate in Gympie QLD was another huge achievement for myself and for Rex. Rex has been with me for nearly 4 years and to be the 2nd affiliate in Queensland was great!

With all these things going on my student Grant "BULLANT" Blackler was chosen to be on the TUF Smashes series of the Ultimate Fighter show. They picked 4 Lightweights and even though a featherweight the UFC picked him to be on the show.

Even though Grant was unsuccessful in his fight against a very tough and experienced Mike Wilkinson he has been given an opportunity later in the year at his natural weight class in the UFC.
To have the first TUF contender picked by the UFC coming from the sunny coast in Caloundra is something I would have only ever dream about.

Having had so many great happens in our gym is through the dedication and hard work we all put in together for the common goal of helping each other improve. And with our structure and battle tested techniques we show our results.

We wouldn't be at this level without all that have sacrificed for the representation of the gym.

Coach Dunstan

Graduation and End of Year

End of Year
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Graduation!
On the December2 we had our end of year graduation with head coach Carlos "Portugues" Vieira up from Melbourne it was time for some new techniques and some of our students were to be graded.
The 5 students have been with us for over 2 years and through hard work and perseverance they have achieved a new goal. I couldn't ask for better students that are so dedicate to the gym and BJJ. So it was an absolute honour to be awarding them with their blue belts. 
Congratulations to the 5 of you I'm very proud and know it's time to work harder.
Thanks again to master Vieira for his guidance and support over the last year we are truly grateful to have the best competitive coach in Australia.
Come down and join the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family on the coast!
Cia Paulista - Queensland